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An Allergy Bracelet for Asthma Sufferers

by Valerie on June 4, 2009

asthma-inhalerAsthma Bracelets: Needed Breaths of Critical Information

Asthma is one of the most prevalent conditions noted on medical alert devices. A true Equal Opportunity condition, people of all ages, races, religions, and nationalities wear asthma alert bracelets and jewelry.

Primary Function
The most important role of an asthma bracelet matches that of all alert devices: To notify medical personnel of a condition that could threaten the life of the wearer if the wrong treatment is used or the condition misdiagnosed.

The aid that goal, the information which should always be noted on asthma bracelets is the condition, effective treatment methods or warnings of contraindicated treatments, and the patient’s name. If space allows, helpful information includes the patient’s physician and the point-of-contact information.

Popular Styles of  Bracelets:

316L Stainless Asthma Medical Bangle Bracelet
316L Stainless Asthma Medical Bangle Bracelet

316L Stainless Medical Bangle Bracelet

A small red filled medical symbol is centered on front and the word “Asthma” is laser engraved to the right of the symbol. Pressure clasp makes it easy to open and close. Choose traditional (etched in) engraving or lasered (black) engraving for back side. Made of 316L Surgical Stainless Steel. Most medical jewelry on the internet is 304 Stainless. Although both are hypoallergenic 316L is non-corrosive. It is also known as “marine grade” stainless steel due to its increased resistance to chloride corrosion compared to type 304.

Length: 7 1/4 in.

Height: 1/4 in.

Composition: Stainless Steel

Packaging: Free Satin Gift Bag

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Black Asthma Pendant w White Medical Symbol
Black Asthma Pendant w White Medical Symbol

Black Pendant w White Medical Symbol

This black IB plated Asthma dog tag is complimented by a silver medical symbol on front. Engrave back to reveal silver color stainless underneath.

Composition: Stainless Steel

Weight: 0.31 oz. / 9 g.

Pendant Dimensions: 1 1/4 x 3/4 inch

Packaging: Free Satin Gift Bag

Engraving – Traditional (Etched In): Yes

Engraving Options: Back Only

Thickness: 2mm

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316L Surgical Stainless Asthma Medical Bracelet
316L Surgical Stainless Asthma Medical Bracelet

316L Surgical Stainless  Medical Bracelet

This 316L Surgical Stainless Asthma Bracelet is pre-engraved by laser with “Asthma”. Plaque size (for engraving) is 2 inch x 1/2 inch. Medical symbol is in red. Made of 316L Surgical Stainless Steel. You can choose between traditional (etched) style engraving or black/lasered engraving for this item when you select your font. There is no color added in traditional engraving.

Length: 7 1/2 in.

Composition: Stainless Steel

Plaque Dimensions: 2 x 1/2 inch

Clasp Type: Lobster

Packaging: Free Satin Gift Bag

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Bracelet Styles
These medical bracelets bracket the full spectrum of options. Fashionable bands of different colors, standard metal bracelets, sports bands, and size-adjustable bracelets. Even hypo-allergenic designs can be purchased for all ages of wearers.

Asthma bracelet of the wrist band style are similar in appearance to wide rubber bands, though made of different material. The alert information is imprinted directly onto the band and cannot be broken off due to a weak or stressed link. Often available in a kaleidoscope of colors, the wrist banded asthma medical bracelets coordinate with any outfit.

Standard bracelets include the material that circumferences the wrist, but a metal piece that is often curved to comfortably contour to the wrist and forearm. The medical alert symbol fronts the plate with the condition and patient information on the back.

Decorative  bracelets can have a more ornate wrist plate or a medallion, much like necklaces, depending on the wearer’s preference. The alert symbol or the medical caduceus appears on the front or top of the band piece, just as on standard band plates.

Sports bands are enjoying increasing popularity. Waterproof, soft but sturdy, tear-resistant material cushions the alert piece and allows the wearer greater activity options while still properly wearing the asthma medical bracelet.

Asthma bracelets are prevalent medical jewelry. Highly visible, asthma medical bracelets save countless lives annually by providing critical medical information during times of high stress and emergencies.

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