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When Should Seniors Stop Driving?

by SarahD on June 24, 2011

At What Age Should Elders Stop Driving? We’ve all seen those crazy stories on the news about people who are too old to be driving themselves around anymore.  You know the ones, where they accidentally hit the gas instead of the break and ended up plowing through a street fair, taking out vendors and their [...]


Health Club Exercise Safety Tips for Seniors

Workout Safety Tips for Senior Citizens People of all ages can benefit from joining a health club and working to improve their state of fitness, but some people will face additional challenges when it comes to safety.  In particular, the elderly may have to contend with bone loss, muscle weakness, joint stiffness and swelling, and [...]

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How to Eat After Bariatric Surgery

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Nutrition After Major Weight Loss Surgery Getting back on track with eating can be difficult after any surgery (since pain killers reduce appetite and slow motility).  But when you opt to go through a bariatric surgery that is meant to help you lose weight (such as gastric bypass, banding of the stomach, or the removal [...]

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Signs of Dementia – Difference Between Alzheimer’s and Dementia

If there’s one thing you don’t want to lose, it’s your ability to think rationally. That’s exactly what happens to those unfortunate people who develop dementia. Although they may have been intellectually gifted early on in life, when afflicted with dementia in their later years their thought processes begin to break down and their memory [...]

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Benefits of Vitamin D – Low Vitamin D Symptoms

In recent years, the negative symptoms of vitamin D deficiency have been studied and surprising information has emerged. Study after study show how important vitamin D is in preventing chronic diseases and have thrust this vitamin into more prominence and a lot of people are asking : How much Vitamin D should I take and [...]

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Senior Safety: What to do When the Elderly Fall

Safety for Seniors: How to Handle a Fall As people get older, they begin to lose muscle tone, balance, and bone density, along with eyesight and possibly even some feeling in the limbs, all of which can lead to tripping and falling that ends with broken bones.  And much of the time these spills could [...]

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