Diabetic Friendly Foods for the Holidays

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Diabetic Friendly Foods for the Holidays

by SarahD on December 13, 2010

Diabetic Friendly Food

Holiday Food Tips for Diabetics

During the holidays, everyone struggles with staying healthy as desserts and treats found as stocking fillers and are handed out at the office and at home. Staying away from sugary foods during this time of year can be difficult for everyone, especially for those suffering from diabetes. Planning your meals can be the key to surviving this holiday season with your health as you make a conscious effort to choose diabetic friendly foods instead of ones loaded with sugar. Regardless of whether you are planning a dinner for a diabetic guest, or want to stay fit, following a few of these tips will help ensure a healthy holiday for everyone.

When attending a holiday party, instead of going for the dessert table consider snagging a few vegetables instead. Fruit, nuts and vegetables can be very beneficial to those suffering from diabetes and are afraid of a diabetic shock. They are a healthy and affordable alternative to foods packed with processed sugar and saturated fat. Fruits, nuts and vegetables are also beneficial because they can be easily carried around as a snack. Many diabetics need a snack sooner than a meal can be served and having these foods on hand will help get you through the day.

Maintaining a balanced diet of carbohydrates, fat, and protein will also be beneficial to those suffering from diabetes. Consider eating mashed potatoes, or white turkey meat to make your diet well balanced. It is important to concentrate on eating lean meats, which will help keep diabetes symptoms down to a minimum. Don’t forget to fill your plate with whole grains and small portions of low-fat dairy products. These products will help regulate your blood sugar, but remember to not over due. Eating too much of anything can be bad for anyone.

If you must have a dessert, choose something that is not only low in sugar, but also low in fat. If you are baking yourself, substitute artificial sweeteners for the sugar needed in a recipe. This will not only help decrease your carbohydrate intake, but it will also all you to contribute carbohydrates to your diet during the main part of your meal. When selecting a dessert, consider choosing something that has fewer calories. Anything containing fruit, like apple pie, will be healthier for you than a chocolate bar.

When deciding what to drink, avoid any beverages that contain a large quantity of sugar. Select sugar-free drinks instead, or just stick with water. If you enjoy carbonated drinks, you can also decide on drinking carbonated water instead of soda. Remember to always read the labels before consuming an item to determine how much sugar may be in the drink. This will help you avoid any problems in the future and will inform you on the kind of items to avoid eating, or drinking.

Limiting the amount of fat in your diet is also crucial to staying healthy during the holidays. Consider how much butter, oil, or cream may be added to a meal and choose to use nonfat milk instead in your recipe. Use fat free cream cheese as well as fat free salad dressing to help keep your blood sugar levels balanced. Monitoring yourself can be the key to surviving this holiday season as you stay aware of your portion intake and are conscientious of what foods to avoid. Sometimes all it takes is a few substitutions to still enjoy your favorite holiday treats.

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