Diabetics: Foods You Must Avoid

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Diabetics: Foods You Must Avoid

by SarahD on August 24, 2010


Foods You Should Avoid if You Have Diabetes

Living with diabetes can be a tedious and frustrating experience.  The constant checking of blood sugar levels and watching what you eat is a daily regimen that can become taxing and overwhelming at times.  But if you are living with diabetes, you need to be more conscious than the average Joe of your health and the types of food that you consume.  It takes much more will power to live with diabetes and avoid certain foods to maintain a balanced blood sugar level.  To do this, there are certain foods that you must avoid in order to stay healthy, happy, and essentially, alive.

Fast food french fries: These convenient, and often tasty, fries are loaded with saturated fats, cholesterol, and sodium.  They will only increase your susceptibility to heart disease and worsen the symptoms of your diabetes.

Chain restaurants’ hamburgers or chicken/fish sandwiches: Again, these are another source of super high saturated fat, which in small doses is okay to consume.  But at fast food places like McDonald’s or Burger King, the sodium and cholesterol levels are ridiculously high.  Try making your own healthy version at home, using fat free turkey meat and replace the bun with a lettuce wrap or low fat pita bread.

Fried chicken: Although it tastes delicious, fried chicken is pure grease and saturated fats.  Opt out of fried chicken and try consuming only grilled or backed chicken.  More often than not, these ways of cooking chicken uses less oils and fats and can even cook out some of the fats from the chicken.  If you like the crunch of fried chicken, try breading your chicken with some crushed up low fat, low sodium Cheez-its then bake it in the oven.  You’ll get the same texture as fried chicken, with more flavor and less cholesterol.

Store bought cookies, doughnuts, cakes, or pies: These are usually chalk full of sugar and trans fats, and the yummy flavor will prove not worth the risk when they begin to jeopardize your health by exacerbating your diabetes.  Rather than going out and buying these delectable treats, try baking them at home using diabetes friendly substitutes like equal or splenda, or other diabetes-friendly sweeteners.

Frozen breakfasts, lunches, and dinners: Albeit, these dishes are super convenient and affordable, you can pick a few up for a couple of bucks, pop them in the microwave or oven to heath them up, then you’re ready to eat.  However, they are high in sodium and fat content and do more harm than good.  Try making your own frozen meals.  When you cook a diabetes-friendly meal for yourself, make more then you usually would.  Eat what you need and freeze the rest, and you’ve cut out the need to buy these unhealthy yet convenient meals.

Pre-packaged, store bought lunch meats: Those sandwiches you’re eating for lunch or dinner aren’t as safe as you had assumed.  Those pre-packaged boxes of lunch meat are loaded with sodium.  Rather than buy the two-for-one boxes of lunch meat, slice up meat that you may already prepared at home.  Or ask the deli to slice up some low-sodium meat for you at the grocery store.  This way, you can still enjoy your mid afternoon snack without placing your health in danger.

Sarah is a writer for a culinary school website where you can browse schools and the latest trends in the culinary arena.

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