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Digestive Enzymes

by Valerie on January 13, 2011

digestive enzymesDigestive Enzymes Side Effects And Benefits
by Alex McHardy

Divine Nature’s Total Digestive Enzymes provides every nutrient needed for proper digestion, including plant based enzymes and minerals to break the food down into usable constituents, and friendly bacteria to aid in assimilating those constituents into the bloodstream. As research shows, you may well be starving yourself by eating enzyme-deficient cooked and processed foods. Fight back with Divine Nature’s Total Digestive Enzyme formula and feel the benefits of true digestion today.

Many times the things you eat are not utilized completely and the nutrients in the food is wasted. Total Digestive Enzymes ensures that the human digestive system works properly by giving back the enzymes that were taken out or destroyed during the cooking process. There are five different Probiotics or Flora (good bacteria), to help in keeping the mucosa lining in your digestive system. Also included are some extremely important herbs that help in digestion (Black Strap Molasses Slippery Elm, Ulmus Rubra, Ginger, and Zingiber Officinale). These are all blended together to combine their key digestive ingredients to make one of the best formulas ever.

In 1989, a 7 year study was conducted by Dr. Joseph Beasley, M.D., in conjunction with the New York Health Department and the Institute of Health Policy Studies of the University of California. Using over 700 clinical trial subjects, the study set out to determine the effects of nutrition on health. From this study you can see the importance of “Digesting your foods”.

The digestive tract can free up to 90% of nutrients that pass through it, turning them into forms that are much more easily absorbed. Many things actually harm this process though, such as anger, fear, stress, worry, and many toxins, drugs, and pathogens. Even cooking your food over 118 degrees can destroy the enzymes in the food, reducing its ability to be digested properly.

In summary, even if you eat nutrient-rich foods, you could be feeling the effects of starvation! Due to the cooking of the food, a paddle-lock effect has now locked in the nutrients and will only be un-locked if enzymes are brought back into play which will in turn un-lock the cooked food and release the nutrients. Your body may be starving for nutrients and you may be experiencing conditions like bloating, decreased energy, premature aging, lowered immune response, and even weight gain if your digestion is compromised and you are unable to break down the foods to usable energy.

Learn more about Digestive Health.  Stop by Divine Nature’s site where you can find out all about Digestive Enzymes and what it can do for you.

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