Gifts to Avoid for People With Allergies

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Gifts to Avoid for People With Allergies

by SarahD on December 14, 2010

Gifts to Avoid for People With Allergies

Gift Giving Tips for Allergy Sufferers

Allergies affect thousands of people around the world everyday. Chances are someone you love, or personally know may be affected by allergies. This year as you do your holiday shopping and get the stocking fillers ready, you want to take special consideration for those who suffer from asthma. Instead of giving a gift they can’t enjoy, take the time to consider a few of these ideas and make this holiday seasons unforgettable. Your loved ones will appreciate the extra time and effort that went in to buying them the perfect gift.

Although it may be the first thing you want to give, reconsider baking sweets this year for a holiday gift. There are many food allergens that are in holiday desserts, from pecan pie, which contains nuts, to cookies made with wheat. Instead of taking chances, consider giving the foodies a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant, or giving cooking items like an espresso machine, or blender. This will allow the individual to make their own creations in the comfort of their own kitchen without having to worry about allergies.

While stuffed animals may seem like the perfect gift for a child, they may actually contribute the most to allergy symptoms. Avoid any stuffed animals that are made with real fur, as they are more prone to attract dust and mold. If you are set on buying a stuffed animal, choose instead an animal with polyester filling that will be easier to wash and dry. Toys made of wood and metal are a safe choice as they are less prone to collect dust and mold. Avoid any toy that contains latex as latex allergies are increasing amongst children every year.

If you want to buy jewelry for a loved one this holiday seasons, it is important to understand that jewelry can cause an allergic reaction. Nickel is known to react with those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis. Be sure to ask the jeweler if an item contains nickel and to instead choose a silver or  gold medical bracelet.

Be sure to avoid any products that contain strong smells, like lotions or perfume. These products contain chemicals that are often too harsh for sensitive skin and may cause an allergic reaction. Consider instead an all-natural skin care set made from only organic ingredients. If you are unsure about the quality of the product, try reading reviews about the item online, or ask for recommendations from other people you know who suffer from allergies.

For those individuals that suffer from allergies and asthma, avoid giving bedding or blankets that are not made from allergy-free linens. The best kind to give would be down feather bedding, which is less allergenic than synthetic fabrics. Down feather bedding is less likely to attract dust mites and mold, which are the big contributing factors to allergies.

If you are looking to give clothing as a gift, try your best to avoid rabbit fur, wool, and cashmere. Although these fabrics seem luxurious, they can cause allergies in certain individuals. Instead, look for clothing that is made from 100% cotton.

And lastly, if you were considering giving a poinsettia, think again. This plant is known to cause allergic reactions to people who are sensitive to latex. The plant happens to be in the rubber tree family.

Sarah Danielson writes for Father’s Day Gifts where you can find great gift ideas like flowers for dad, cards, and poems for the inspirational man in your life.

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