Is it Time for Assisted Living?

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Is it Time for Assisted Living?

by SarahD on September 22, 2011

Nursing HomeWhen is It Time to Go to a Nursing Home?

For seniors entering the twilight of their lives, and the families dedicated to caring for them,  exploring the option of assisted living can be a frightening endeavor. Fortunately, seniors who are having trouble living on their own can receive the highest quality health care and social interaction through assisted living. The best assisted living programs provide a variety of exercise facilities and educational opportunities for seniors to take advantage of. Water aerobics classes, hiking excursions and even yoga are some of the exciting health and wellness benefits to be enjoyed while living in one of these facilities. Seniors can be assisted by qualified members of the staff while they learn about computer programs and other new technologies, enabling them to communicate with relatives who may live too far away for regular visits. Some residents may even choose to volunteer their free time, whether within their new homes or through an outside agency like the Humane Society, contributing their wisdom and knowledge to future generations while enhancing the quality of their own lives.

The opportunities afforded to senior citizens who choose a higher quality of life through basic assistance are truly boundless and can be beneficial for the rest of the family as well. Grandparents who are accustomed to handling their own medication schedules routinely find themselves enjoying renewed energy and more hours to spend with their grandchildren. Sons and daughters who may have been unprepared for the demands of caring for their aging parents can now find relief in the professional and patient care provided by the staff of assisted living facilities.

For many senior citizens, the prospect of moving into a residential care facility can be intimidating and these unfounded fears may cause some seniors to be hesitant initially. The truth is, however, that transitioning from one’s own home to a new life in an assisted care center can be a very therapeutic endeavor, enabling your parent or grandparent to embrace this new and exciting phase of their lives. After working hard for their entire lives, providing for their families and contributing to society in countless ways, seniors have earned a well-deserved respite from the toil and drudgery of washing dishes, doing laundry and cleaning the house. Assisted living facilities provide the best of both worlds for seniors who wish to enjoy their retirement years while also receiving the best health care and entertainment options available to them. These facilities specialize in catering to the specific needs of each resident and, because seniors are assisted with the most difficult of daily tasks, they are free to spend more time pursuing the activities they really enjoy. The comfort and peace of mind provided by assisted living facilities, both to seniors and their concerned families, is truly irreplaceable. By taking the time to thoroughly research the facilities in your area which best suit your family’s personalized needs, you can be sure that your parent or grandparent will spend their golden years energized and filled with a renewed vigor for life.

Sarah Danielson writes for Hillcrest Royale, a beautiful Thousand Oaks assisted living community. For more information, visit

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