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Innovation in Medical Alert Necklace Technology

by Kittie Walker on July 29, 2010

Lifeline with AutoAlert

Lifeline with AutoAlert

Innovation in Medical Alert Necklace Technology – Lifeline with AutoAlert

Most people want to stay in their own homes for as long as possible as they get older. As they become more infirm, the likelihood of falls and the need for emergency medical assistance becomes greater. This is when loved ones start to worry and unfortunately, that worry is quite often borne out.

Ruth Joyce, aged 73, Canada, is a case in point. She lives alone and took a nasty fall in her garden one day whilst her neighbors were at work. She called for help repeatedly and luckily a tradesman nearby heard her calls. He alerted the emergency medical services who took Ruth to hospital for treatment. She was treated for her injuries, discharged and returned home.

After her experience Ruth has now acquired a new product from Philips called the Lifeline with AutoAlert. It is a base unit and a Medical Alert Necklace that houses sensors and a panic button.  The alarm is raised if the wearer falls over and remains on the ground for 30 seconds or more. The panic button is also available to be pressed, as the sensors are not 100% accurate. Of course, the panic button can also be used in any other emergency situation whilst in range of the base unit.

Ruth said

“There’s a good likelihood that I will fall again. This gives me, and my family, some peace of mind.”

Additionally Philips state that “13.3 million people 65 years of age and older will fall this year—that’s one fall every 2.3 seconds, and nearly half of them won’t be able to get up after the fall.”

Even though technology has moved on, it is often the case that whilst walking around the house, garden or even taking a shower that cell phones are not carried. Therefore, assistance cannot be sought via cell phone. For peace of mind, this new peace of technology may be worth considering. Read more here.


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Lifeline with AutoAlert


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Lifeline with Autoalert

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