Diabetic Bracelets – Diabetes Medical Alert Bracelets

Medical Alert Bracelets Specifically for Diabetes

Diabetes Warning SignsPeople with chronic diseases know how important medical alert bracelets are. In cases of emergency, these bracelets inform others about their condition, and the right immediate treatment can spell the difference between life and death. A diabetes bracelet is especially significant because this disease comes in two forms and has different approaches to therapy.

The Importance of Diabetic Bracelets

The correct diagnosis of a person having diabetes determines the treatment modality and his life literally depends on it. That is why diabetic bracelets guide medical personnel and even non-medical but knowledgeable people to the kind of treatment that should be given because the bracelet contains information about the type of diabetes the wearer has.

Stainless Large Link Diabetes Medical ID Bracelet

Classic large link chain diabetes medical id bracelet made of 316L non-corrosive stainless steel with lobster clasp and a shiny finish never goes out of style. Choose between traditional or black laser engraving. Engrave on front and back of plaque with medical information.

  • Bracelet dimensions: length=8 inch, width= 5/8inch, thickness=5mm.
  • Plaque dimensions: 1½ x 5/8inch.
  • Fits wrist size 7-7½ inches.

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Stainless Diabetes Medical Pendant

This stainless steel pendant in the classic dog tag shape is ideal for men and women of all ages. It is made of hypoallergenic, marine grade 316L stainless steel metal and has a shiny finish. You have a choice of traditional (etched in) or black laser engraving only on the back. For black laser engraving, you can use Plain Block font or Block Fifth Avenue font. Front of plaque has a pre-engraved “Diabetes” word by laser.

  • Pendant dimensions: 1 x 3/4 inch; thickness is 2mm.
  • Chains and necklaces sold separately.

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Black Leather Strap

Black genuine leather id bracket has a stainless steel buckle and an id plaque for engraving medical information at the back. Front of plaque is pre-engraved with the word Diabetes. Engraving is possible with traditional or black laser method. Removable plaque can be used on brown leather band, sold separately. Simply unsnap and change bands as often as you like.

  • Bracelet dimensions: band width= 1½ inch, length; adjustable 6-8 inches; plaque= 1½ x 1 inch.
  • Thickness: plaque=1mm; band=2mm.

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Leather and Hemp Diabetes Medical ID Bracelet

The combination of leather and hemp makes for a casual surfer style diabetes id bracelet. In rich dark brown color, it suits men and women alike. The 316L surgical stainless steel 15/8 x 5/8 plaque has the word Diabetes pre-engraved at the front and leaves the back exposed for the wearer’s medical information. Engraving can be traditional (etched in) or black laser.

  • Bracelet length is 6 1/2 to 9 inches and width is 1/2 inch.
  • It has a shiny plaque finish and fits wrist sizes 6 1/2 to 9 inches.

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Large Titanium Curve

Medical id bracelet in titanium looks dainty and graceful and its light weight makes it perfect for women to wear even on formal occasions. It has a curb style chain with clasp and a bracelet plate for engraving at the back with enough space for 4 lines. The front plate has a red, black and gold medical symbol to alert medical personnel. This hypoallergenic bracelet is 8 inches long with a 2-inch extension to make it fit wrist sizes 7 to 10 inches.
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Polished Stainless Steel Link Bracelet

The Lynx Trilogy medical id bracelet is made of high quality stainless steel with a polished major link finish and a foldover clasp. It comes in 4 unique and stylish designs and personalized engraving is free of charge.

  • Bracelet length is fixed and measures 8 ½ x ½ inches.
  • Sizes are in 8 and 8 ½ inches with a weight of 54.1 gms.

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Large Medical ID Flex Sportband

Made of stretch nylon band that is non-adjustable and has a slightly curved plate for a comfortable fit, this large sportband flex navy medical id bracelet is great for playing sports. The bands are available in three colors (black, red and navy) and are interchangeable. A debossed medical symbol is on the front plate and engraving of medical information is on the back.

  • The sportband id bracelet comes in 3 sizes, 6″, 7″ and 8″ and the plate measures 2″ x 1″.
  • Warning: the leather portion may fade due to prolonged wear in water or from sweat.

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When a diabetic experiences altered states of consciousness, such as dizziness, confusion or deep and rapid breathing, it is not safe to assume that a candy bar or a can of soft drink can resolve the situation. In some cases, it may even aggravate the condition. Knowing when to give food or not is valuable information that is found in the diabetic jewelry of the person wearing it; however, emergency medical care should still be summoned.

Information Required on Bracelets

Information engraved on diabetic alert bracelets should always include the wearer’s illness, which type of diabetes and its treatment during emergencies. The type and form of medication is especially crucial and should be recorded because there are insulin-deficient people who cannot take the tablet form and not all acute diabetic attacks are managed by raising blood sugar levels.

Medical ID Styles

The styles and presentations for diabetic bracelets are many. There are the typical gold medical bracelets and necklaces, as well as pendants and medical id charms that are gaining in popularity. With advancements in technology, USB medical devices are now being used in place of bracelets as they also double as tiny, portable data storage devices.

What used to be hideous medical alert tags that people dreaded wearing now come in stylishly classic or funky forms, in metal, leather, rubber or plastic and in simple bands, braids or chains or adorned with crystal stones or beads. The options are endless and for as long as the necessary information is on them, there’s no excuse for people with medical conditions not to wear one all the time.