Medical Conditions

Medical Conditions

Diabetes Signs – Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes is a hormonal issue with the production and processing of insulin. The deficiency or processing issues with insulin result in the build-up of sugars (glucose) in your body because your body is unable to process them anymore….

Autism Symptoms and Autism Signs

Autism is the name given to a set of disorders called Pervasive Development Disorders. The disorders are neural development disorders (brain disorders). There is no known cure for autism however it can be treated….

Asthma Signs and Symptoms

Asthma is a chronic long-term disease. It is extremely common. It cannot be cured only at best treated in order to control it. It is a disease that inflames the airways and causes them to become obstructed to varying degrees…. see also Asthma Bracelet

Bariatric Surgery Pros and Cons

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery is surgery which has the usual set of risks attached.  The  surgery in itself is not an overnight cure for obesity….

Blood Thinners and Blood Thinner Medications

Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) has a whole variety of uses. The most common ones being as an analgesic to relieve pain but another side effect of Aspirin is the use as a mild anticoagulant….

Drug Allergies Common Symptoms and Causes

It is also possible that if you have an allergic reaction to a drug that it is not the drug itself that your immune system is reacting to but one of the other ingredients contained in the medication, for example a dye in a tablet….

Epilepsy Symptoms and Causes

There are over 40 different types of epilepsy. Each type of epilepsy is unique. Epilepsy is classified in syndromes. Clusters of features that appear in common are defined together as a syndrome….

Food Allergies Causes and Symptoms

Food allergies are caused by part of the food not being able to be digested correctly. These undigested items, usually proteins, are tagged by the body as harmful. This triggers the body’s immune system to take action against this perceived attack….

Heart Disease Symptoms and Risk Factors

Heart Disease is the collective term for a whole host of diseases; abnormalities; illnesses; wear and tear that affect the proper functioning of the heart. All of the conditions have one thing in common they are associated with the heart and….

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