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Emergency Bracelets for Elderly

by Valerie on October 17, 2009

Alzheimer's Medical ID Jewelry

Alzheimer's Medical ID Jewelry

Having elderly parents is a real challenge. I love my mom, so wouldn’t think to anything but the best by her. However, she likes her independence too and won’t even consider moving in with me. She does live in an assisted care apartment that has a nurse on staff and wears  a life alert systems for seniors in case something happens to her. I still worry about her, but I do feel much better. It’s kind of funny that she spent so many years worrying about me when I was a child and now it’s my turn to worry about her. I guess that’s how it goes.

Here are some more stats that further emphasize the need for alzheimer’s medical id bracelets :

More than 50% of seniors do not follow their medication practices properly. Many hospitalizations occur due to making mistakes with medication and consequently, leads to more than 23% of nursing home admissions.

9 out of 10 Americans over the age of 60, wish to continue to live independently in their own homes where they feel safe. Over 45% of these seniors have one or more chronic illnesses. More than 33 percent of the adults fall at least once during the year. Most of these falls account for 10% of emergency room visits.

The good news is that these alert bracelets for elderly care can be ordered in a variety of styles and sizes;like one of these diabetes bracelet so nobody has to feel he or she is wearing a medical device. ( an important point for some; they can consider it as part of the normal jewelry ).

The materials can range from beaded to silver, titanium  and gold medical bracelets and as far as the styles are concerned; in addition to the traditional bracelet it can come in form of a pendant, a medallion, necklace or any other forms one can think of.
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